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5 Signs Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Is Doing a Bad Job

If you have suffered an injury at work and find your employer isn’t siding with your story, it may be time to hire a workers’ compensation attorney to manage your case. Unfortunately, while there are many reputable firms, there are others who simply aren’t up to the job. If you’re not happy with the way your case is going, here are some red flags to look out for, as you may need to find another lawyer.

Not Returning Your Calls

The biggest complaint former clients make is about their workers’ comp attorney not communicating enough. Each case will vary in terms of duration, so if you are waiting many months for an update, this is a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. A respected workers’ compensation lawyer will know how to prioritize and put your needs first. Unfortunately, some attorneys handle too many cases simultaneously, which can make it difficult to keep communication lines open. You may need to start looking for a workers compensation lawyer who understands the importance of communication.

Your Benefits Stop Without an Explanation

If you are receiving benefit checks weekly while you are off work, they will likely finish once your doctor decides you have reached MMI (maximum medical improvement). This means you have recovered as much as you can. Should your benefits be halted before this happens and you haven’t got an explanation, you must speak to your workers’ compensation lawyer straight away. While a mistake may have occurred, your lawyer may have missed a deadline.

You’re Not Being Guided Through the Process

For clients who have never filed a workers’ compensation claim before, the process can be daunting and overwhelming. The last thing you need is high-stress levels on top of everything else, so if you believe your workers’ compensation lawyer isn’t guiding you through the process and explaining each part properly, it’s time to look elsewhere. You need an attorney who you can trust over anything else.

No Effort to Negotiate a Settlement

Most workers’ compensation cases are usually resolved through settlements. As long as you negotiate with the insurance provider, you can save a great deal of time and expense that a trial can bring. Also, you’ll have more control over the final outcome. Settlements usually won’t be offered until you have reached MMI. However, your lawyer should start preparing to negotiate a settlement way in advance. If they are not doing so and you have concerns, you should begin looking for another lawyer to represent you.

You’re Being Pressured to Settle

Sleazy workers’ compensation attorneys don’t just fail to negotiate a settlement. In some cases, they encourage their clients to settle straight away. This is so they do not have to go to court. If you believe you are being pressured into settling, this is a red flag that something is up. A reputable workers’ compensation lawyer will have patience and wait until the right moment.

Regardless of the severity of your workplace injuries, you need a workers’ compensation lawyer who has your best interests in mind. If any of the signs above resonate with you, don’t delay in seeking legal help elsewhere.

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