Starting a Cannabis Business – Family Attorney

If you have been paying attention to the national conversation, the federal legalization of cannabis in the United States is becoming a real possibility. Michigan became a recreational state last November, and Illinois recently joined the club earlier this month. A wide variety of other states will surely join the club in 2020 and beyond. Financial analysts project the cannabis industry to boom similarly to how broadband took over the nation after AOL was dethroned by the likes of Comcast and AT&T. While there are still a lot of people against the legalization of this plant, it appears as if those who find the medicinal value is silencing them. There are many states such as, Ohio and Florida that are considered a long shot when it comes to legalization, but anything is possible in this world nowadays. If you and your family are thinking about starting a medical cannabis facility in Tampa, FL, it would be wise to have a family law attorney Tampa.

Constantly Changing Legislation

Since cannabis is not legalized on a federal level, states are wary about how medical facilities can operate. Regardless of the status, no cannabis-based business that handles the actual flower is allowed to put money in the bank. This can put an enormous strain on cannabis entrepreneurs because an entire livelihood could be stolen overnight. Many of these facilities have expensive security systems, but they are not as secure as having federally insured money by the FDIC or a credit union. A family attorney can help you navigate the existing laws in your locality to position yourself for the inevitable legalization of this flower. These professionals are required to take continued learning education, and many of these courses are now focused on cannabis law. If you are interested in catching the next industry boom, this is likely the industry to be in tune with.

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