The Benefits of Incident Management and Reporting Software

Incident Management technology is used in several different industries. It’s perfect for tracking data and providing an incident log so that issues don’t continue to reoccur. This technology is also used in the app world to help drivers avoid traffic and collisions.

When there’s too much commotion on the roads, it can lead to road rage, as well as more accidents. Fortunately, incident management software helps to solve these types of issues.

Check out these automobile accident apps listed below:

Apple Apps

Telenav Navigation is an app created to direct you from one location to another, but it also warns you about upcoming car accidents. With the app, you can opt to change direction and prevent an accident.

Another traffic and routing app is INRIX.To provide you with alerts of incidents, it uses data collected from users, cameras, trucks, and more. You can also report injuries by using this particular incident management app.

Android Apps

Beat the Traffic is an application from Android that displays warnings to others. By shaking your phone, you can notify of an accident while driving, so you don’t have to text and drive to put in the software update.

Another incident reporting app is Infoblu Traffic. It uses a color code to showcase how slowly traffic is flowing due to the accidents that it tracks. It can help you to determine whether the accident is worth waiting through or if you should go in a different direction.

Windows Phone Apps

Mango Traffic is an incident management traffic warning app for Windows phones. It offers updates on traffic conditions in your immediate area and shows you where accidents or construction are causing significant delays.

Another app that sends traffic warnings to your phone is Trapster. It provides details on speed camera positions, red lights, and other driving dangers through tracking data.

There’s also another automobile accident app called Report Accident. With this incident reporting software, you send and receive updates through your email and social media platforms regarding accidents and slow traffic.

Tracking accidents is a new way of life, and it’s incredibly convenient.

BlackBerry Apps

A fantastic routing software that provides traffic and accident warnings is the BlackBerry Traffic app. As incidents impact the time it takes to travel from one location to another, the information is used by BlackBerry traffic to give you an approximate arrival time and alternate routes.

Waze, which is also available on IOS and Android, is another option to choose from. It’s a crowd-sourced application that uses other users’ warnings to let you know about potential collisions, traffic, and construction.

Incident Management Software to the Rescue

Without incident management apps, everyone would be frustrated drivers. Thankfully because of this new and improved technology, drivers don’t have to sit through lengthy traffic jams or hazardous accident scenes.

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