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Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are the most common type of traffic accident. Because pedestrians have no protection from a vehicle, they are especially vulnerable to injury or fatality. This article will discuss some common causes of pedestrian accidents. These include a pedestrian’s failure to account for the flow of traffic, the use of cell phones or other distractions, and faulty or improperly installed traffic lights. However, the most important factor for avoiding an accident is to take reasonable care when crossing a street.

What are the main causes of pedestrian accidents? Read on to learn.

Pedestrians must exercise reasonable care for their own safety

In an accident, both pedestrians and drivers have a duty of care to each other. Pedestrians may be considered negligent if they fail to exercise reasonable care, but their actions may be proportionate to the hazards they face. Pedestrian negligence can result in a pedestrian accident if they violate traffic laws, cross streets without signaling, or run into traffic in a crosswalk. Regardless of fault, it is always best to seek medical attention after being involved in an accident.

Pedestrians must put down their phones

A study released in October found that five percent of pedestrian accidents result from distracted walking. Nevertheless, distracted walking accounts for two of the five pedestrian deaths in New York City. And, one of those pedestrians was texting while reaching for a dropped phone. Pedestrians should stop to look up, put down their cell phones, and remain on the defensive when crossing the street. And, finally, pedestrians must put down their phones when approaching stairs and escalators.

Pedestrians fail to account for flow of traffic

Pedestrians are responsible for a large percentage of pedestrian accidents, including failure to properly check the crosswalk and yield to vehicles. The most common cause of pedestrian accidents is distracted walking. In this article, we’ll look at the different types of pedestrian negligence, and discuss why pedestrians fail to account for traffic flow. Let’s also talk about why pedestrians should use crosswalks and obey traffic laws.

Improperly installed or defective traffic lights

Defective or improperly installed traffic signals can lead to a variety of accidents, including pedestrian collisions. The failure of a traffic light can cause a wide variety of incidents, from broadside collisions at intersections to t-bone collisions in which the front of a vehicle rams into the side of another vehicle. A broadside collision can result in serious injuries, as the vehicle may roll and strike a pedestrian. This is definitely a lesser-met type of accident but it is one that should be taken into account as you never really know what will happen in the future for you.

Failure to slow down in school zones

A pedestrian is anyone on foot, including cyclists, joggers, and skateboarders. Drivers who fail to slow down or stop in school zones are causing a larger number of pedestrian accidents than they realize. These drivers are often distracted, driving too fast, or failing to see the crosswalk or stop signs. Unfortunately, these drivers may not be aware of the dangers posed by distracted driving or school zones.


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