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What Are The Important Information Regarding The Maryland Bill Of Sale?

The Bill of Sale in Maryland PDF can be easily downloaded online and also one needs to be well aware of the most important information regarding this.

Maryland Bill Of Sale Requirements

The MVA or Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration specifically requires a bill of sale for the purpose of registering and also titling any vehicle that is less than 7 years old. Also, the sale price was less than the National Automobile Dealers Association book value.

So, a bill of sale is considered to be a very important legal document which proves a vehicle was sold and the ownership has transferred. There are some people who do not have any kind of access to the association’s book value and so, they can easily confirm a vehicle’s book value by calling the MVA.

Apart from that, a downloadable bill of sale is also provided by the MVA which must be used in case the vehicle is fewer than 7 years old and also the sale price is much below the book value. Usually, the customized bills of sale for vehicles which are older than 7 and also sold at or above the book value at the time of the registration are also accepted by MVA.

Important Advantages Of Having A Bill Of Sale

It is always a very good practice to create and also keep one even if Maryland did not require a bill of sale. This bill of sale is again involved in providing both sellers and buyers a record of the vehicle transaction and also preferably proves the ownership changed.


So, it is evident from the above section that there are many important requirements of Legal Bill of Sale document which a person should always be well aware of. You may download this form from https://forms.legal/

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