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Reasons Why You Should Consult with a Litigation Attorney

According to the H1 Law Group, a litigation attorney is defined as a “legal specialist who takes matters like civil rights and personal injury lawsuits to arbitration and trial.”

Succinctly stated, litigation attorneys represent people know either plaintiffs or defendants in a civil court. It should be noted that a civil trial is not a criminal trial; therefore, the fields of specialisation are different between litigators and criminal trial attorneys.

It is also worth noting at this juncture that a plaintiff is a term used to describe the person who brings a lawsuit or claim against another party, the defendant.

The rationale behind the need to consult a litigation lawyer

Now that we understand a litigator’s role within the global legal framework let’s look at several reasons why you should approach a trial attorney:

Professional knowledge and expertise

Essentially, a litigation attorney has specialised in the field of civil law and is experienced at, and capable of, managing all the phases of the litigation process, from the initial consultation, the “investigation, pleadings, and discovery through the pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal processes.”

In theory, should you need to file a lawsuit against another party, you can do all the work yourself. However, this is not advisable. Succinctly stated, because you have not studied civil law, and you are not experienced at the whole lawsuit process mentioned above, you run the risk of losing your case, or having it thrown out of court because of a minor, but pertinent technicality.

Overall cost versus Return on Investment (ROI)

It cannot be argued that any litigation will (or can) ever be cheap. However, you should not look at the cost factor without studying the return on your investment. As reiterated in the point mentioned above, a trial lawyer is a consummate professional who has the skill and knowledge to bring about a successful conclusion to your lawsuit.

It will be cheaper if you do it yourself; however, there is very little chance that you will be able to manage the dispute successfully. Civil lawsuits are usually settled with a monetary settlement. Therefore, you should consider the costs in relation to the final settlement amount.

As an aside, it might be worth discussing cost-saving measures with your attorney, especially if you are cash-strapped.

Essentially, it is mandatory to hire an attorney if you wish to win your case. The value that they add to your lawsuit is not easily measured in monetary terms.

Emotional support: Stress management

The value of the emotional support and stress relief that a professional attorney brings to the table can be easily underestimated. Being the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit is a typical point in case.

For example, if you have been injured in an accident that was caused by a third-party, it is critical to devote all your time and energy to healing physically and emotionally. By forcing yourself to spend time on the personal injury claim, you will not recover from the accident as fast as you would otherwise.




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