Supermarket Accident Claims Can I Claim Compensation

Supermarkets have a duty of care towards their customers. It means supermarkets must take reasonable steps to prevent slips, trips and falls on their their premises. This not only makes the supermarket safer for customers, but it also helps the supermarket avoid costly personal injury claims UK.

Supermarket accident claims are usually pursued as a result of a serious injury. To the extent you have been injured in an accident that could have been avoided, you may be entitled to supermarket accident compensation.

The Two Main Cause of Supermarket Accidents

1) Wet Floors

Generally speaking, wet floors are usually caused when the supermarket is being cleaned. Cleaning products can often create slippery conditions on floors. In addition, leaking freezers or chilling cabinets can also create hazardous conditions. Wet floors can also give rise to accident in the supermarket claims if shoppers walk onto the premises during bad weather and their feet are wet – thereby making the floors wet and slippery. Whatever the cause, it’s the supermarket’s responsibility to ensure that wet floors are dried as quickly as possible and warning signs are put up in the meantime.

2) Spillages

As you can likely already imagine, it is also the supermarket’s responsibility to prevent accidents in the event of a spillage. Supermarket staff members should make an effort to regularly check aisles. If any spillages of liquids or foods are discovered, it must all be cleaned up as soon as possible to reduce the risk of supermarket slips.

Slips and Trips at the Supermarket

In order to reduce the likelihood of accidents, supermarkets need to be careful and to really do what they can to keep aisles as clear as possible during the busiest periods. Items such as boxes, pallets and so-called “roll cages” that are used for re-stocking shelves should be properly stacked and kept out of the way of customers.

If you happen to slip and fall of a supermarket, it is important that you let management know right away. You should seek out medical treatment immediately so that a physician can create a record outlining the injuries he sustained. This will be important when pursuing any accident injury claims in the future. In addition, you owe it to yourself to seek out competent personal injury claim advice. Speaking with a qualified no win no fee compensation supermarket accident claims specialist is important. The reason why is because the advice you receive will help you get started with the claims process.

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