Every Businessman Must Hire a Good Corporate InvestigatorPrivate Investigation 

Every Businessman Must Hire a Good Corporate Investigator

The quote by famous author Sherlock Homes “It is my business to know what other people don’t know” goes very well with the present day business environment. Every businessman has the right to know about the internal matters of the company especially at a time when the corporate world has been shaken quite a few times by scams and frauds. For doing this, they employ investigating agencies who do a check on the employees and the other people associated with the company by keeping a strict eye on their activities. All this is done by a Corporate Investigator, who mainly engages in two types of investigations that are internal and external investigations. Internal investigations mainly include conducting a check on the drug intake by any employee, misleading accounting information and other sensitive leaks about a company such as merger and acquisition deals. External investigations include keeping a check on the criminal activities such as producing fake billing invoices from suppliers and vendors. A corporate investigator applies several steps and strategies while doing the internal investigation of companies. Here, are a few steps that should be taken by an investigator before he or she starts investigating. Clear Policies: It is necessary to have a clear understanding of policies. They consist of several procedures for conducting investigations. Studying the policy carefully help the investigator to be aware of the documentation and avoid some common mistakes. In case of any confusion, one can seek the help of the company officials and get the facts clear.

Document work: Keeping a document in the form of proof helps a lot. For instance: if a lawsuit has been charged against the company then all the legal documents are necessary to be presented before the judge so that it becomes easier to pass on the judgment. Another important document which the investigator must have is the memorandum. This document consists of the name and contact details of all the stakeholders and other persons associated with the company. Identify witness intimidation: Many times the primary witness of an incident is intimidated by the accused person or persons. This intimidation might come in the form of harassment or a threat. Hence, it is necessary for the investigator to keep the identity of the witness secret so that it never influences the investigation. Applying special investigative techniques: Instead of applying the traditional methods of investigation, it is better to apply some new techniques. Applying high level techniques such as physical surveillance, polygraphs, voice analysis and electronic surveillance can prove to be more fruitful. It is also important to take written statements in case any interviews are taken related to the investigations so that in case the witness deny sufficient proof can be produced. Hence, by applying the above mentioned steps, one can very easily get hold of the criminal. There are a number of agencies that has come up that deals with the investigation of critical corporate cases. They can be easily relied upon as most of them do not reveal the identity.

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